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Membership is Important


Fifty years ago, 50 people came forward and became members of an Association that they knew would be a vital force in the support of people with developmental disabilities. After more than 40 years, there is a comfort that the Community Living Renfrew County South is still providing support. Without a strong membership, this may not always be the case. 

What makes us strong? Members challenge and become active participants in the Association’s work. The Association advocates on the behalf of people with developmental disabilities. Without individuals, families and friends committed to the mission of the Association through membership purchases, our voice would hold less importance. 

Help the Association by confirming your commitment to Community Living Renfrew County South through your purchase of a membership. 

There are four classes of membership:


Annual ($5)
open to anyone living in the service area (excluding staff) who supports our objectives.

Life ($100 - one time fee) similar to Annual Membership.

Honorary as conferred by the Board on any person who has made an outstanding contribution to the Association.

Download Membership Form


Business ($25) open to any business supporting Association purpose and objectives. 

Individual/Family ($10) - Associate Members are not entitled to have a vote in the affairs of the Association.



To join and become a member, please call Sharleen at (613) 432-6763 or e-mail