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HOW? Personal Outcome Measures will now be performed alphabetically for the whole organization.  A team lead may request a POM be completed.  Reasons for this may include a person's dissatisfaction with services they are receiving from Community Living Renfrew County South, of the Team Lead's belief that Community Living Renfrew County South is not currently providing appropriate services and supports to meet the person's needs, and would like these barriers identified.  

The interviewers discuss the 21 Outcomes and learn what is important to the person.  They then meet with the Team Leader to gather information on how the organization supports the person.  The intereviewers may also meet with the person's Primary Support worker to discuss Outcomes relevant to supports provided in that particular program.  Once the information is all gathered the interviewers make decisons about each Outcome by pre-determined criteria identified in the tool.  The information is compiled and presented to the person and their Team Lead.  Community Living has identified 3 Priority Outcomes: People are Safe, People have the Best Possible Health and People are Free from Abuse and Neglect.  These will be discussed at each presentation.

WHEN?  The Reliable Interviewers will meet with the person from 9am - noon every second Tuesday.  Supports will meet with the Reliable Interviewers from 1-4pm.  If the person is not able to answer all of the questions, supports will be asked both sets of questions and scheduling will be adjusted accordingly.

* Information gathered during the POM intereview can be used during Person Centered Planning at the Team Lead's discretion.   Only the three Organizational Priority Outcomes must be worked on.