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WHY?   As a result of the Strategic Plan developed and adopted in 2002, the Board of Directors committed our organization to demonstrate that quality services are being provided and to improve supports for people supported by Community Living Renfrew County South. 

WHAT?  Thanks to training and knowledge received through the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) Community Living Renfrew County South decided that the PERSONAL OUTCOME MEASURES (POM) tool would be used to evaluate personal quality of life and the degree to which our organization individualizes supports.

Personal Outcome Measures are categories.  Within each, people have the opportunity to idenfity their own meaning for the particular outcome.  The Personal Outcome Measures tool is a guide to person directed planning.  

The POM enables Community Living to identify people's priorities.  Knowing people's priority outcomes influences organization behaviour.  When supports know and understand people as people with priority outcomes similar ot their own, support methods change.  Supports learn which organizational activities are not focused on what is truly important to people.

Organizational planning, resource allocation and evaluation also change with outcomes.  Community Living's role moves from providing programs and services to supporting people in achieving the life outcomes they value.  Personal Outcomes are important because they put listening to and learning from the person at the centre of organizational life.

Personal Outcomes Measures are used to review and evaluate the quality of services and supports offered by Community Living.  Trends are identified and forwarded to the Quality Improvment Committe for review and follow up action.

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